Room attendant
  • Taif, Saudi Arabia
  • 17/02/2023

I'am a professional on call Cleaner with 3years of experience in Saudi Arabia handling cleaning house, apartment, multiple people customer.My unique professional experience stems from years of providing excellent customer support, creative solving problems, patient and loyalty to the customer and be humble always.

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Fourth Year high school graduat @ Atty.Orlando S. Remando National High School
Jun 2015 — Current

I'm Cherry Lou Saga Mabasa my goals in life I want to improve my skills more and I want my dream came true and I want to be part of your company and I'm willing to work to your company once again I'm CHERRY LOU SAGA MABASA at your service.


Sales Lady,OJT @ Unitop, Greenwich
Jun 2015 — Current

I'm saling accessories, hair colors and I'm always at your service.

Service Crew at Greenwich

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